Saving Roeburndale Woods SSSI

June 2021

This is one module of our ‘Lune Top to Bottom and Side to Side’ project which is funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, through the Water Environment Grant programme. Roeburndale Woods, near Wray, are a Site of Special Scientific Interest. However, the woods and neighbouring farmland have historically suffered from flooding and soil erosion. In close cooperation with one of the key landowners (Dr Rod Everett) we have been working since 2019 to address some of the key issues. Initial activities focused on Natural Flood Management interventions to intercept and slow down excess overland flows of water. Later on, activities have moved on to focus on developing different land management practices to improve soil structure and health. The project has purchased a subsoiler/ soil aerator attachment for a tractor. This machine can mechanically improve the soil structure. This is also being combined with trials to inject microbial preparations into the soil. This will improve the microbial health of the soil. The project is set to run until March 2022.