How you can help

Lune Rivers Trust is a small charity and we are heavily reliant on winning funding from external funders. However, the vast majority of these funders will only support specific projects, which need to fit in with that particular funder’s strategy. Although this is a very useful source of funding for our Trust, often it is not flexible enough to allow us to respond to the issues that we think are most important for the Lune catchment.

Funding which is not linked to a specific project is vital for us to keep operating. It allows us to react the emerging issues, as well as to support key aspects of running the Trust, which may not always be covered by project-specific funds.

There is always more that the Trust can be doing to improve the rivers and riverine environment in our area. We would be very grateful for any support that you feel willing to give us.

We currently have three ways in which you could contribute to supporting our work: Membership and Donations. These are explained in the sections below. We are also hoping to develop an Amazon Smile account as an alternative way of donating.