This is the easiest method to use if you wish to make a one off donation to Lune Rivers Trust. Donations can be made under two categories:

Unrestricted use. This is the default category for a donation received. Effectively you are making a general donation to Lune Rivers Trust to support our overall activities. We will always use your donation towards meeting our charitable objectives, but we can use an unrestricted donation to support any aspect of our work. An unrestricted donation is often the most useful for us, as it allows us the flexibility to use the funds where they are most needed at that time.

Restricted use. The other category is where you would like to make a donation to support our work on a particular activity, project or topic. In this case, please mention what you would like it used for in the payment reference – or email us with the information. We are only allowed to use your donation to support activities related to the topic you state when making the donation.

In the future we intend to run some small-scale funding campaigns to seek support for some small, interesting activities.

As we are a registered charity, all personal donations to the Lune Rivers Trust made by tax-paying individuals will enable us to claim Gift Aid. This means that for every £1 donated the LRT can recover a further 25p, which will be a great help towards funding our future projects.

If you would like to make a donation, the easiest way would be through an electronic transfer, using the bank details below. However, you are also welcome to make a donation by cheque. In which case, please make the cheque payable to ‘The Lune Rivers Trust’ and send it to the Trust Manager at our office in Newton.

Bank Details

NatWest Bank plc
68 Church Street

Account Name: The Lune Rivers Trust

Account No. 22128484
Sort Code 01-54-90