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The portal gathers and presents a wealth of environmental information through user-friendly ‘story maps’, which help develop a shared understanding of the physical and socio-economic characteristics of the…

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Lune Rivers Trust has a band of dedicated Members. Our Members provide value support in terms of their time and expertise and through the funding generated by their membership fees. Both are invaluable to a small charity such as ourselves in continuing to operate and bring benefits to the Lune river environments. We would love you to join our growing Membership.

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As a small charity with a vast area to cover, we couldn’t exist or deliver the habitat improvements we do without the invaluable support of our enthusiastic volunteers. We work throughout the year and cover…

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The planting of trees is widely recognised as having benefits both in terms of the current situation and to mitigate or reduce the effects of climate change. Tree planting adjacent to rivers can have numerous and significant benefits. LRT is expanding our riverside woodland creation activities. We have ambitious targets, and will be striving to make sure that we focus our efforts on the locations that will have the biggest, multiple benefits.

Natural Flood Management is an approach that mimics natural processes as a way to reduce flood risk. NFM is also increasingly recognised as a key component in mitigating the effects of climate change. LRT has already completed a number of NFM projects, and we continue to implement further NFM projects.

Education and awareness are fundamental to making a real difference in addressing environmental issues. The more that people are aware of and understand the issues, the more motivated they will be to achieve a change. Education and engagement are founding pillars of LRT's work. We have carried out, and continue to carry out, several projects that are specifically focused on education & engagement. We also strive to include a component of education & engagement in each of our projects.

Farm management is a key component in improving the condition of rivers in the Lune catchment. Approaches need to be found which contribute to improving the river environment, whilst still supporting farm businesses. LRT has been, and will continue to be, involved with a number of projects which include extensive engagement with farmers.