Crook o’Lune Fencing

November 2014

When we took over the running of the EA Halton and Skerton fishing beats in 2014, we discovered that part of the woodland at Crook O’ Lune which is on our beat was severely poached by cattle making the footpath virtually impassable at times. After talking to the landowner and farmer and approaching the Forestry Commission we secured Forestry Commission funding to fence out the cattle completely. We completed the fencing, putting in a new kissing gate and field gate and removed Himalayan Balsam. The work should reduce run-off and siltation in the river. On the advice of the Forestry Commission and the RSPB we also erected bird boxes for declining species such as the spotted flycatcher, the redstart and the marsh tit.

Our thanks go to Liz Lloyd, Mr and Mrs. M. Thomas and Andy Bennett of the Forestry Commission for making this project possible.