Fish Passage Improvements – Skerton Weir, Lancaster

October 2021

This is one module of our ‘Lune Top to Bottom and Side to Side’ project which is funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, through the Water Environment Grant programme. Skerton weir is a large weir at the tidal limit of the River Lune in Lancaster. As such it is the first barrier that adult fish encounter when migrating into the Lune to spawn. Conversely it is the last barrier that juvenile fish have to negotiate when migrating out to sea. The current fish pass, installed in the 70’s is not very efficient and hence is not facilitating the easy migration of fish. Under this module, we have funding to design an upgrade to the fish pass to make it easier for fish to migrate in both directions. With our external Consultants, we are working on the design and obtaining the requisite permits and permissions.