About Us

The Formation of the Lune Rivers Trust

For nearly 10 year many of you will have known us as The Lune Habitat Group. In 2000 the Group, lead by Chairman, Mick Jackson, Secretaries, Malcolm Hall and then Chris Littlefield and Treasurer, Ray Burrell, helped by willing volunteers, was recognized by ENTRUST as an environmental body and as such, with the aim of protecting and improving riverine habitat and encouraging the biodiversity of the River Lune and its tributaries, we have created over 30 habitat sites covering more than 50km of river bank in vulnerable areas.

In 2007, following approaches from the Association of Rivers Trusts, endorsed by the E.A. it was decided that we should become a charitable trust, The Lune Rivers Trust. We therefore became a Private Limited Company No. 6489777 in January 2008 and a Registered Charity in January 2009. After the death of her husband, Chris Littlefield in February 2008, Sarah Littlefield became the Trust’s secretary.

The Lune Rivers Trust. Regd. Charity No. 1127427 plc no. 6489777

Trustees – Mick Jackson (Chairman), Ray Burrell, Alan Coates, Philip Gilpin, Leonne Hodgson, Andrew Hurst, Mike Ramsay, Harold Riley, Adrian Todd, David Walmsley.


Current Staff

Mick Jackson – Chairman
Sarah Littlefield – Secretary
Louisa Blundell – Administrator (Living Lune Partnership)
Debbie Hardwick – Treasurer
Jenny Walmsley – Membership Secretary