INNS – Invasive Non-Native Species

INNS (Invasive Non-Native Species) are any plant or animal species that have been brought from abroad, either intentionally or accidentally, into this country & are now impacting on native species. The main species focused on are: Himalayan Balsam, Japanese Knotweed, Giant Hogweed, American Mink & American Signal Crayfish. More information on identifying these species is available below:

Himalayan Balsam
Japanese Knotweed
Giant Hogweed
American Mink
Signal Crayfish
As part of our partnership data sharing programme, we created multiple INNS (Invasive Non-Native Species) for each of the districts we cover. These plans incorporate all information on the presence of INNS within each district and how we intend to combat them. These reports are available below:

Lune (overall plan)
Forest of Bowland AONB
Yorkshire Dales National Park
Lancaster District (*incomplete*)

Now for where you come in! With over 1300 square kilometres of the Lune Valley to map, we need your help in identifying INNS & mapping them. We can then include them on our database and set out on the difficult task of eradicating them. We can also arrange days out for your local schools & clubs. The forms for you to submit are basically what you have seen & where, preferably with a co-ordinate or grid reference; but we understand this might not be available to you at the time, so feel free to just include a general location & the name of the closest town or river. The form is available below with the return address printed on.