Balsam Bashes

Between the months of April until September, we will be holding regular ‘balsam bashes’ where we gather a group of all ages to pull up Himalayan Balsam plants on the banks of the Lune rivers. It is a fun, relaxing day where you can make a big impact on improving the Lune habitat and freeing up bankside space for ‘green’ areas or to allow native species to reclaim the area.

Himalayan Balsam is known as an INNS – A ‘Invasive Non-Native Species’. This means it has a negative impact on our native species and on the structure of our riverine habitats. Himalayan Balsam spreads very easily, due to their high production of nectar and due to their seeds being held in pods which ‘pop’ when touched. These adaptions have allowed Himalayan Balsam to spread quickly and extensively. Their main impact on native species is that they can grow over 6 feet in height, shading other plants, and due to their high nectar production they out-compete other native species. Himalayan Balsam also has a very shallow root system which can promote erosion in riverbanks during their dieback period, and can ultimatly lead to bank destruction.

All in all, not the nicest plant, so please come along to one of our events and bash the balsam!

For more information on events in your area, or to put forward a location or to show your willingness as a group, please contact Louisa Blundell on 07814694129 or


Upcoming Dates

  • 14th May – Location TBC
  • 25th May – Location TBC
  • 11th June – Location TBC